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Small Business Energy Solutions Program

Save energy and money with small business cash incentives.

Entergy Louisiana offers a range of support to help improve your facilities and put money back into your small business.

Incentive funds for 2018 are being finalized. Please check this page periodically for updated program information. 

Saving energy means saving your business money. That's why our Small Business Energy Solutions Program helps make your business more energy efficient. If you have any of the problems below, Entergy can help.

  • High energy bills.
  • Inefficient or poor interior/exterior lighting quality.
  • Limited control of lighting and HVAC.
  • Solar heat gain through your east and west windows.
  • Uncomfortable rooms.
  • Drafts.

By participating in the Small Business Energy Solutions Program, you will receive financial incentives from Entergy for projects that make your business's facility more energy efficient. And a more energy-efficient facility means more money in your pocket to run your business.

To learn more, click here to download the Program Manual.

Start Saving Today.

Contact the Energy Efficiency Solutions Center by calling 855-770-9122 or emailing EntergySolutions@clearesult.com.